(some of our horses are rescues)

Trail Horses:   Bumble Bee   - Trigger - Colt   - Scout - Lily  - Shogun - Snickers - Mr Ed  - Apache - Red - Lyra - Thumper
Carriage Horses: Pete - Fred - Jerry - Jim
Others: Bella - Titan 
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Bumble Bee is a gorgeous black Tennessee Walking horse cross.  His striking good looks and beautiful, wavy mane and tail always catch everyone's eyes. Isaac's favorite lead horse!



Trigger is  Palomino Appendix Quarter Horse.  He has a very handsome face and the cutest little ears!  A very gentle and sweet natured horse with a baby face.



Colt is a chestnut Quarter Horse.  A wonderful lead horse.  He will give you a kiss for treats!  He's one of the oldest horses in the barn at 22.  Kim's favorite lead horse!



 Scout is a 13 yr old gorgeous black, stocky Quarter Horse.  Quiet and so handsome!


Lily is a beautiful buckskin Quarter horse.  Mellow, gentle and a real pleasure to have on the trail.



Shogun is a Appaloosa.  He is a stocky, tough fellow with neat markings!  Awesome trail horse and a real gentleman.



 Snickers is a beautiful young Quarter horse who is the smallest trail horse.  She is very curious and sometimes stops to say hello to hikers.  We just love our Snicker Doodles!


 Red is gentle and very smart.  He is such a well behaved boy!  Awesome with children.



A very striking blue roan Quarter horse, Apache is one of the youngest horses in the barn.  He is a silly, goofy, fun personality.


"MR. ED"

 Mr Ed is a gorgeous Quarter Horse.  He loves his food and is a nice trail horse.


 Lyra is a very sweet, fun trail horse.  Very pretty too! 





 Thumper is a stocky, beautiful black mare. 




Pete is also a Belgian Draft Horse.  He is a wagon and carriage horse. He is such a flashy boy with one blue eye.  Also a good trail horse.


 Fred is Belgian Draft horse.  He is a retired pulling horse and a big baby!  Great for sleigh rides and trail rides.
 Largest horse in the barn at about 2,200 lbs.



 Jerry is a stunning black Percheron.  Awesome carriage horse and trail horse.



 Jim is a very handsome Shire/Percheron cross.  As gentle and loving as they come.  He is best friends with Jerry.  Carriage & trail horse. 
 He is a favorite of many!


Future Star!

Bella was born April 2013 to Drummer & Candy.  She is very beautiful and loaded with personality!  Bobby's baby!

Future Star!

Titan was born April 2013 to Drummer & Daisy.   

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